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Seaweed is an important renewable resource in the ocean.

On earth, the resources of seaweed are about 200 billion tons,

It is about 100 times of the terrestrial food resources.

In the hundreds of millions of years of coevolution,

Seaweeds accumulate a wealth of health information for life. meanwhile,

Algae can fix 1.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year,

Absorb and purify about 30 million tons of N / P produced by human activities in the water body,

It has made great contribution to the balance of fragile earth ecosystem.

Using biotechnology to develop algae resources,

Enhance the utilization value of active ingredients in algae, and provide solutions for animal health,

It is haixingyuan's firm belief that haixingyuan will ultimately guarantee the food safety of 9 billion people. Whether in the past 20 years or now,

Or the future

Haixingyuan will, as always, shoulder its responsibilities for the coming of the era of non resistance and for the food safety of mankind,

Contribute to the sustainable development of ecological environment and the bright future of human beings.

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