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Application of soybean phospholipid oil powder in aquaculture

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Application of soybean phospholipid oil powder in aquaculture

Date of release:2019-11-07 Author: Click:

Soybean phospholipid oil powder is not only a substitute of energy feed, replacing animal feed raw materials, making feed products green and environmental protection, but also used in aquatic products. Let's take a look at its application advantages in the aquatic industry!

1. Improve the quality of feed particles, reduce the loss of water-soluble vitamins in water, have the function of inducing food and improve palatability.

2. Soybean phospholipid oil powder can improve the survival rate, especially the survival rate of crustaceans in seedling and shelling stage.

3. Enhance the vitality of the immune system and relieve stress; effectively prevent fatty liver, kidney and intestinal bleeding, anemia and other diseases, and reduce the incidence of scoliosis and large abdominal cavity, and keep the natural strip. Improve the survival rate of overwintering and transportation.

Soybean phospholipid oil powder is also beneficial to pigment deposition, maintaining natural body color, increasing phospholipid content in body tissue, improving meat flavor carp's weight gain by 15%, survival rate by 2%, feed coefficient by 15%, and digestive energy by 3-5%.

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