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What is squid paste? This common sense needs to be understood

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What is squid paste? This common sense needs to be understood

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What is squid paste

Squid paste is a kind of yellow brown paste product, which is made from fresh squid viscera and concentrated, dried and cooled. Squid paste is rich in protein, fat, cholesterol and other nutrients. It is widely used in aquatic feed. It has strong attractiveness to aquatic animals and plays an important role in their growth. It is a high-quality feed protein source.

Squid paste, as a high quality food attractant for aquatic animals, is widely used in aquaculture. In the squid paste, glutamate, glycine, alanine, arginine, aspartic acid and other flavored amino acids and amines cooperate to produce strong smell, promote the feeding activities of aquatic animals, improve the palatability and feed utilization rate of aquatic feed.

Squid paste has high crude protein content and reasonable amino acid composition. It can replace part of fish meal in feed, play the role of replacing protein source, reduce feed cost and improve economic benefits.

Is the heat of shredded squid high

The quantity of heat of squid silk is 77.46 per 100g of calories, the content of protein is 16% - 20%, the content of fat is very low, only less than 1%, so the quantity of heat is also low. For people who are afraid of being fat, eating squid is a good choice. It is a kind of leisure food loved by modern people, which is made by strict processing technology and careful production, with delicious taste, moderate taste and rich nutrition.

Can I eat the yellow in squid

Can eat.

When the squid is cut open, the sticky gelatinous substance of the white transparent jelly in the belly is squid's egg, or egg. Fish eggs are edible and nutritious. They contain ovalbumin, globulin, egg mucin, fish egg scale protein and other nutrients needed by human body. They are delicious and delicious. What's more, many people think it's good to have eggs. It can also be used to make delicious caviar.

And the yellow things in the stomach, that is, "yellow paste", which is close to the egg, can also be eaten. It's a gland in the body of squid, but it's not dirty. However, it is not delicious. If you keep it, it will affect the beauty of the squid, maybe you will not choose to eat it. But I like to use it to make squid paste.

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