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What is phospholipid oil? The function of soybean phospholipid oil

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What is phospholipid oil? The function of soybean phospholipid oil

Date of release:2019-11-07 Author: Click:

The concept of soybean phospholipid oil: soybean phospholipid is the product extracted from the oil residue of soybean oil production. The content of soybean phospholipid is 1.2% - 3.2%. Due to the strong water absorption of phospholipid, the solubility of phospholipid in high quality is greatly reduced after water absorption and expansion. When refining and separating phospholipids, it is based on this property of phospholipids The functions of soybean phospholipid oil are as follows: 1. Binder; phospholipid added to feed can play a role of adhesion, reduce dust flying and automatic classification during feed processing, and maintain feed mixing uniformity 2. Emulsifying stabilizer; phospholipid is a good fat emulsifier Phospholipid can inhibit the loss of fat in the diet, increase the absorption of fat, promote the growth, improve the conversion rate of the diet, and improve the survival rate 3. The lubricity phospholipid has a good lubricity, which can reduce the loss of feed in extrusion molding, reduce the wear of feed on equipment, improve the granulation yield and particle quality, and also reduce the energy consumption in the granulation process 4. Liposome embedding agent: To sum up, soybean phospholipid is a kind of natural surfactant, physiological activator, nutrition enhancer, antioxidant and feed processing assistant. Its application in feed industry can not only regulate nutrition, supplement and improve feed utilization, but also reduce dust flying and automatic grading in feed production on improving feed processing performance To improve the physical quality and yield of pelletizing. It can be used as a bonding agent in aquatic feed to improve the floatation and sedimentation of aquatic feed in water and reduce feed waste and water pollution. Therefore, it has been widely used in feed industry

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