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What are the effects of soybean phospholipid oil on fat digestion

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What are the effects of soybean phospholipid oil on fat digestion

Date of release:2019-11-07 Author: Click:

The digestion and decomposition of fat depends on the pancreatic lipase, so the larger the contact area between fat and this pancreatic lipase is, the more it will promote the digestion of fat. What's the way to increase the area of fat? The method in vivo is to turn fat into small particles. The smaller the particles, the larger the surface area of fat and the larger the area of contact with pancreatic lipase. A substance secreted by the liver to realize fat granulation, called bile. This substance has emulsification operation, which turns fat into particles through emulsification operation. For chickens of 0-3 weeks, it is the period of insufficient bile secretion and poor fat digestion. So what are the effects of soybean phospholipid oil on fat digestion? Next, I will introduce in detail:

It has been studied that this soybean phospholipid oil has the ability to regulate fat metabolism. Increase the content of intramuscular fat and decrease the rate of abdominal fat.

Antioxidation of soybean phospholipid oil: phospholipid is an important component of biomembrane, and it can protect and repair the biomembrane. Biofilm is a barrier, which can block some harmful products of metabolism outside the biofilm; biofilm is also a material exchange channel, which can transport harmful substances out of the cell and beneficial substances into the cell. In this one stop one go through, the biomembrane will be broken by free radicals, and the phospholipid can repair the biomembrane.

The above is about the introduction of soybean phospholipid oil. Through the repair of biofilm, the metabolism ability, self-healing ability and tissue regeneration ability of the body are improved.

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