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Factors affecting the application of soybean phospholipid oil powder

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Factors affecting the application of soybean phospholipid oil powder

Date of release:2019-11-07 Author: Click:

Soybean phospholipid oil powder, as a kind of energy raw material to replace vegetable oil and reduce feed cost, is valued and used by more and more manufacturers and farmers. So what are the factors that affect its application?

However, soybean phospholipid oil powder is just in the development stage in China, the technology is not very mature, the product quality is different, the domestic feed industry has not formulated the corresponding quality standards, and some users are not clear about its performance and quality, so the product also brings great losses to some feed processing enterprises and farmers. In recent years, many feed processing enterprises in Northeast China have experienced quality accidents after the application of phospholipid, such as moldy feed, deterioration, encephalomalacia, leukomyopathy, decreased immunity, diarrhea, decreased intake, and even refusal to eat. Many accidents are caused by or directly related to phospholipids.

Secondly, due to the high processing cost and use cost of soybean phospholipid oil powder, the crude soybean phospholipid oil powder is basically used in the feed industry, which is semi-solid at room temperature and has a very large viscosity, so it can not be mixed evenly for feed addition, and it is difficult to be mixed even under high temperature and flowing state. In order to solve the problem of phospholipid mixing in feed, soybean phospholipid oil powder has been well developed in recent years.

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