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Application effect of soybean phospholipid oil powder

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Application effect of soybean phospholipid oil powder

Date of release:2019-11-07 Author: Click:

Soybean phospholipid oil powder is a carrier feed phospholipid, which is refined with high quality soybean phospholipid as the main raw material and expanded corn as the carrier. The product has the advantages of high energy, rich nutrition, good dispersion, easy to mix and low price. It is an ideal substitute for oil. What is the effect of using it?

1. The average daily gain of pigs increased by 8.675, feed consumption decreased by 7.512%, economic benefit increased by 7.63%, bile secretion rate increased by 81%, and disease resistance increased by adding 2-6%.

2. In the early stage, middle stage and later stage of broiler, 2%, 2.5%, 3% soybean phospholipid oil powder were added respectively, daily gain increased by 7.7-105, feed return increased by 6.55%, and survival rate increased by 1.5%.

3. With the addition of 1% - 3%, the laying rate increased by 5%, the weight of each egg increased by 2.5% G, the feed consumption of each egg decreased by 7.1%, the protein consumption of each egg decreased by 7.2%, the peak period of laying was prolonged for half a month, and the content of phospholipid in yolk reached 90 mg / g.

4. In the season of high temperature and high humidity, 2% soybean phospholipid oil powder was added, 6.69% more eggs were produced and 5.87% economic benefit was increased.

The above small compilation just lists the application effect of soybean phospholipid oil powder on livestock, which can clearly show its advantages. Therefore, soybean phospholipid oil powder is a good choice for farmers.

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