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Wakame Powder

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Wakame Powder

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Specifications: Protein: 8% Min; Moisture: 12% Max; Ash: 50%Max.

Wakame as a natural and high-efficient feed additive, wakame powder contains a large amount of natural elements, including iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese and zinc as well as vitamins, that few terraneous plants can compete. This will not only improve the feed quality and accelerate the growth, but also increase the attraction to animals. The product can be taken as the substitution to the expensive min-mineral element and vitamin additives to greatly reduced production cost.

The embedded minerals and most microelements in wakame powder exist in an organic status with the special functions. They are not easily oxidized, but more easily to be absorbed by animals. Wakame powder contains a certain amount of polysaccharide, protein and coarse fiber. It can not only provide partial nutrient to animals, but also improve the taste of feed due to its special fishy flavor. Wakame powder can be used as an additive to feed, or to bait for fishes and shrimps. This will increase the stickiness and prevent the bait from falling apart. Usage of adding 3%~5% wakame powder to the feed, the fat of pigs can be decreased and the antiviral rate of pigs can be improved. If 3%~7 wakame powder is added to chicken feed, growth rate of poultry will be accelerated with an increased content of iodine in chicken meat and eggs. Eggs yolk will turn more yellow and eggshells and chicken meat more bright if the laying hens are fed with 2%~5% wakame powder. Wakame powder is the main food of abalone and sea cucumber.

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