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The role of seaweed powder in aquatic feed

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The role of seaweed powder in aquatic feed

Date of release:2022-09-01 Author: Click:

Seaweed meal as poultry feed began to be studied and applied in 1950s. Currently, the seaweed is kelp. There are nearly 10 kinds of spirulina, so what is the important function of seaweed powder as a feed additive for aquatic animals? Let's take a look at Haixingyuan seaweed powder manufacturer.

1. Promote growth and improve productivity

2. Improve survival

3. Promote reproduction

For example, when 5% kelp powder was added to carp planting, the fertilization rate of female fish was 94.3%, the hatching rate was 92.4%, and the fry developed normally.

4. As a decoy adhesive

Most seaweeds contain biological colloids of various weights, for example kelp contains a large number of algae colloids. After processing, sticky colloids such as fucoidan can be used as natural adhesives for fish, shrimp and aquatic animals. In fish, shrimp, aquatic animal feed to add the right amount of kelp powder, both nutrition and coagulation, Ulster.

5. Improve the physique of river shrimp seafood

Feed ornamental fish, whether red or not, the body color is the same beautiful; When carp were fed kelp diet, the skin of carp in the experimental group was darker, fresher and more beautiful than that of the control group. The EXPERIMENT CONFIRMED THAT WHEN THE GRASS CARP WAS FED WITH KELp, the iodine content IN the fish muscle was 2-3.5 times that of the ordinary fish. After the grass carp was cooked, the original earthy smell was reduced and the smell of the fish was increased. According to Japanese data, fish and shrimp are fed pellets made from seaweed as a feed additive, and fish and shrimp muscle. If the nutritional price is higher than that of general forage feeding, the refrigerated time should be increased by about 12 hours.

6. Anti-stress effect

Mineral sodium contains seaweed powder. Nutrients such as potassium and vitamins have certain resistance or relieve stress factors.

Attractant for river shrimp

Algae contain a variety of amino acids and amino acids DMPT, especially chlorophyllite shield and tiger moss, the algal content of DMPT Z, also has a good effect on aquatic animals.

8. Demildew effect

Seaweed contains substances that inhibit and eliminate bacteria. For example, kelp contains phenol compounds, gum, gluconic acid and other substances, which have the effect of antibacterial and mildew removal. Adding 1-2% kelp powder to the feed can kill moth species such as acaroid mites within 7 days, increase shelf life, and contaminate 0. No odor, can keep the color and quality of the feed unchanged.

Seaweed powder is rich in protein and amino acids, with reasonable composition, vitamins and nutrients. Seaweed powder can be used instead of action. Soy protein, supplemented with lysine from grains. Amino acids such as thylonic and thionic acids are required. It can be used as an adhesive to promote the growth of aquatic animals, improve the survival rate, improve the quality of products, resist stress, and increase the reproductive rate. Attractant, etc. Seaweed is more and more widely used in aquatic feed.


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