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Measures to improve the quality of seaweed feed

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Measures to improve the quality of seaweed feed

Date of release:2019-11-07 Author: Click:

Improving the seaweed feed supervision system, raising the feed production standard and controlling the quality are the way for feed production enterprises to survive in the future. With the continuous improvement of ISO9001 management system and the gradual application of HACCP control management system in the production process, its purpose is to produce qualified products.

1. Strengthen the supervision of raw materials

Raw materials are the source of feed quality and safety, and the safety of raw materials directly affects the quality of feed products. To manage raw materials well, we need to start from the following two aspects: on the one hand, starting from the supplier, we should strengthen cooperation with stable suppliers, inspect the production process of raw materials; on the other hand, we should manage the procurement process, do a good job in quality inspection and sampling of raw materials to be purchased, do a good job in relevant inspection and issue a report, and adhere to "first in first use" in stacking and using 。

2. Do a good job in formula supervision

The design of feed formula shall strictly comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the state, and the nutrition indexes of the formula shall meet the feeding standards or product quality standards, and meet the requirements of the type, quantity and proportion of nutrients when the animals play a good production potential, so as to ensure the health of the animal body. In addition, disease prevention and control shall be done well, accurate and reasonable use of drug additives shall be ensured through the supervision of the formula Ensure production quality.

3. Scientific and effective management of feed products

By adopting HACCP production process supervision system, we can effectively improve the control awareness of feed products. Using this system, we can have a scientific management system from the purchase of raw materials to the entry of finished products into the market. Before the products enter the market, the quality inspection department should do a good job in all aspects of feed quality inspection, such as: whether the additives are reasonable, whether they are overdue, etc. good supervision of the finished feed products can make the products on the market safe and reliable.

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