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Soybean phospholipid oil plays an important role in feed industry

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Soybean phospholipid oil plays an important role in feed industry

Date of release:2019-11-07 Author: Click:

Soybean phospholipid oil is a unique substance in soybean. It is rich in lecithin oil, cephalin oil, sarcosiolipin oil, inositol phospholipid oil, tocopherol, serine phospholipid oil, essential fatty acids, phosphatidylinoleic acid, glycolipin, neutral vegetable oil and other nutrients. Now you can see its important role.

1. Soybean phosphatidylcholine oil is an essential substance for the liver to transport fat, which can increase the transport capacity of fat, reduce the deposition of fat, prevent fat liver, protect liver and improve the detoxification function of liver.

2. Its emulsifying effect is helpful for the digestion, absorption and transportation of fat and fat. It can also repair liver cells and promote the regeneration of liver cells. After adding phospholipid oil, the liver of animals is obviously enlarged.

3. It can provide the animal's immune system vitality, increase the stress of macrophages, promote the proliferation of T lymphocytes, improve the immunity, increase the anti stress ability and disease resistance.

4. Effectively consolidate the integrity of respiratory mucosa and enhance the ability to resist respiratory tract.

5. It can improve the digestibility of fat and the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and other nutrients, so as to eliminate diarrhea caused by indigestion.

Soybean phospholipid oil is a substitute of energy feed, replacing animal feed raw materials, making feed products green and environmental protection, so this is the reason why soybean phospholipid oil plays an important role in feed industry.

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