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What are the functional characteristics of seaweed feed?

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What are the functional characteristics of seaweed feed?

Date of release:2019-11-07 Author: Click:

With the rapid development of aquaculture, feed shortage, especially protein feed shortage, has become a prominent problem. Seaweed is rich in nutrients and contains a variety of bioactive substances. It has biological activities such as enhancing immunity, antibacterial, antiviral, growth promoting and feed adhesive. The functional characteristics of seaweed feed were introduced.

1. The content of mineral and microelement is high, there is organic state, and it is not easy to oxidize. Animals absorb better than inorganic minerals after eating. For example, iodine in algae is stable and easy to absorb, while inorganic iodine is volatile and difficult to absorb.

2. It contains a variety of vitamins, which is very beneficial to the growth of animals. For example, tocopherol (VE) and iodine in seaweed can increase the fertility and litter size of animals.

3. Penicillium and Staphylococcus aureus with disease resistant substances. Bacillus subtilis, Escherichia coli, Salmonella and typhoid have inhibitory effects, which can improve the immunity and disease resistance of animals.

4. It contains biological active hormone and growth factor, which can adjust the nutrition balance of feed, promote the metabolism and digestion of nutrition, improve the growth speed of animals and reduce the feeding cost.

5. It can improve the adaptability of animals to the environment.

6. It contains more pigments (phytoxanthin, carotene, etc.) and iodine, chlorine, sodium and other components, which can change the quality of meat, eggs and milk.

7. Phenolic compounds, agar, alginate and other substances. Phenols have strong fungicide and mildew resistance. Agar, alginate and other substances are feed binders and moisture-proof agents.

8. It can be used as the adhesive of fish feed to enhance the stability of fish feed and prevent water pollution.

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