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Effect of moldy seaweed feed on animals

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Effect of moldy seaweed feed on animals

Date of release:2019-11-07 Author: Click:

Moldy seaweed feed is the performance of feed deterioration, so if the feed is moldy, it can not be eaten by animals, so what is the impact of moldy seaweed feed on animals? The following is an introduction to the effect of moldy seaweed feed on animals.

It is understood that any link of raw materials, production process, storage environment and management of seaweed feed is unreasonable, which may cause the seaweed feed to become moldy. Moreover, the mold of seaweed feed has synergism, and the harm of many kinds of combined action is much greater than that of single action.

Moldy seaweed feed will not only reduce its nutritional value, but also make aquatic animals sick. For example, Aspergillus flavus is very easy to pollute cottonseed, peanut, corn and other components. Now, the feed of farmers is more and more inclined to replace the high price animal protein such as fish meal with plant protein. It is more important to prevent mildew when feeding seaweed feed from plant sources.

The moldy seaweed feed has a great impact on animals. How to prevent the moldy seaweed feed has also become the focus of the feed industry. Therefore, if you buy the seaweed feed, you must not give it to animals.

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