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On the production process of seaweed feed.

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On the production process of seaweed feed.

Date of release:2019-11-07 Author: Click:

The rapid development of aquaculture has led to a shortage of feed. In order to solve this problem, people have turned their eyes to the rich ocean and made some achievements with seaweed powder as feed. Here is a brief introduction to the production process of seaweed feed.

1. Cleaning is required before processing. The fresh kelp treated with fresh kelp is often mixed with sediment and other sundries, which affects the product quality. When cleaning, it must be sea water, not water. After washing with water (or rainwater), most minerals, iodine compounds, mannitol and amino acids will be dissolved and lost.

2. Seaweed is dry. Fresh seaweed has a large amount of water. If it cannot be dried in time due to the action of bacteria and digestive enzymes attached to the seaweed, it may deteriorate and rot within two or three days. The beach is sunny, and seaweed is usually laid on the ground to dry, but attention should be paid to prevent rain and sun exposure. Hot air drying can also be used, so it is easier to control product output, but the cost is higher.

3. Crushing. Dried seaweed should be crushed before being used as feed additive. When crushing is adopted, claw crusher can be adopted, and 40 mesh screen should be adopted. Before crushing, remove the sand to avoid damaging the crusher screen.

4. Ingredients. After the seaweed is crushed, it can be compounded according to the nutritional level of different seaweeds, adjust the nutritional composition of seaweed powder, change the taste and improve the attraction.

The production process of seaweed feed is very fine. Each step is carefully designed to help lock in the nutrients in the seaweed powder. It is a new feed resource

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