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What are the differences between seaweed feed and traditional fertilizers?

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What are the differences between seaweed feed and traditional fertilizers?

Date of release:2022-06-13 Author: Click:

Algae uses chemical, physical or biological methods to extract the active ingredients of algae, manufacture fertilizers and nutrients for plants, promote plant growth, increase yield, and improve agricultural treatment. It is a large algae that grows with seaweed as raw materials.

Algae feed is more pronounced than conventional fertilizers.

In addition to algae feed, algae feed also has the functions of drought resistance, cold resistance and disease resistance. It is rich in pure natural growth substances such as auxin and polyphenols, and has high biological activity. Compared with chemical fertilizers, it has unparalleled advantages in increasing production, resisting forcing, natural and non-toxic and side effects. The second is the product form of algae feed, in addition to solid, liquid, paste and so on. The third is the application of new materials, including fertilizer raw materials, fertilizer additives, and auxiliary materials. The fourth is the change of application methods, especially the development of special conditions such as different crop fertilizers and different cultivation methods.

The difference between seaweed feed and conventional fertilizers is obvious. Seaweed feed is developing rapidly because of its rich nutrition, unique efficacy, environmental protection and high cost performance.


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