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How to distinguish the true and false of seaweed powder for dogs?

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How to distinguish the true and false of seaweed powder for dogs?

Date of release:2022-06-27 Author: Click:

Many friends who like pets will buy some seaweed powder, which is conducive to the growth of dog hair. But for some friends who like to shop online, how to distinguish the authenticity of dog seaweed powder is very important. The seaweed powder manufacturer will teach you some identification skills.

Dog seaweed powder anti-counterfeiting label:

Anti-counterfeiting signs not only provide consumers with different inquiries, but also provide badges for companies.

Fake dog seaweed powder: Fake seaweed powder, not so fine anti-counterfeiting.

Identifying Chinese Caps Dog Seaweed Powder:

Dog seaweed powder, the font printing on the bottle cap is very clear, the color is bright, and some contact information is clearly printed.

Fake dog seaweed powder: Under normal circumstances, the printing of fake seaweed powder is generally poor, the color is dirty, there is no contact information and other signs, and the trademark pattern is rigid and rigid.

Bottle labels, packaging bottles and actual seaweed powder:

Seaweed Powder for Dogs: The seaweed powder on the bottle is brightly colored and has clear lettering. The factory address and website will be marked on the bottle, which looks very textured to the naked eye. The substance of seaweed powder is small particles, dark olive in color, slightly brown. Soaking in cold water will swell and soften.

Copycat Dog Seaweed Powder: The copycat version has a rough bottle and unclear fonts. No contact information was displayed on site. Physical objects, such as fine noodles and gray-green, are soaked in water to make a paste. It obviously contains a lot of sand and a bad smell.

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